Welcome to the community website for the Goose Creek Village Homeowners Association.  We hope you will visit often for news about our neighborhood and provide suggestions on what you would like to see here.  Residents, please register at the link in the top right of the screen for full access to the website.
Upcoming Events
HOA Board Meeting
Thursday, August 15th, 7pm at Clubhouse
Quarterly HOA Board Meeting
HOA Annual Board Meeting
Thursday, October 17th, 7pm at Clubhouse
Annual HOA Board Meeting

2024 Pool Season and Hours
Pool SeasonMay 25th to Sept 2nd
Pool Hours:    Mon-Sun 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
New for 2024:
Beginning in 2024, Goose Creek Village HOA is using an online registration and virtual ID process to access our pool.  Residents must complete the new online registration through the Cellbadge portal in order to gain access to our pool.  Add or Update your Goose Creek Village HOA pool access online at goosecreek.cellbadge.com/Register.
For more information on registering and updating, click here.
To access the pools, you don’t need a pass. Once your CelllBadge account is set up, simply check-in with the lifeguard by giving them your name and address.

Residential Garbage Collection
Trash is picked up by Patriot Disposal on Monday and Thursday.  Recycling is picked up on Thursday.  To report missed trash pickup, request a trash or recycling can, or to schedule a bulk pickup of large items, call Patriot Disposal at: 703-257-7100  option: 5 or customerservice@patriotdisposalservices.com 
Trash cans should be set out no sooner than the night before trash collection.
Handles on ALL carts need to face toward home
Trash cans must be stored in the garage.
See Patriot Info Sheet here.
Loudoun County Recycling Guide here

Street Light Bulb Out?
Street Light Bulb Out?
Please report all problems with street light bulbs and other street light issues to:
We need the street light number on the pole and a picture would be nice also.

Maintenance Reminders
As a friendly reminder, please ensure regular exterior maintenance is being maintained and that the owner and tenant contact information is up to date with FirstService Residential.  Even if you rent your home, it is ultimately the responsibility of the owner of the property to ensure that maintenance is being completed per the Governing Documents.  Failure in maintaining the property may result in fines, either by cost through self-cure (e.g. association mowing your lawn), one time $50 fine or $10/day for 90 days for ongoing violations.
  • Contact Information.  Login into the Connect Resident Portal to ensure your account contact information and billing address is current.  If it’s not, complete the attached Directory form and send to the email listed on the form. https://goosecreekvillage.connectresident.com/
  • Renters Information & Leases.  Must be provided to the association.  You may email this information along with the enclosed Directory Form to the email address listed on the form.
  • Lawn Maintenance. Mowing and weeding of townhouse lawns are the responsibility of the resident/owner. If in violation, the association will place a hangtag on the door providing 10 days to correct.  If not corrected then the association will have the community landscaper mow or weed the area.  The cost to complete this will be assessed to the owners associations account.
  • Snow Removal on sidewalks (townhouses) - is the responsibility of the resident/owner.  Failure to do so will result in a violation letter and self-cure cost assessed to the owners assessment account.
  • Trash/Recycle Bins.  May only be placed curbside on pick up days (or the evening before).  Storage of the bins must be in the garage on non-pickup dates.  Failure to do so will result in a $50 fine once notice has been provided (sticker on bin).

Refinancing or Selling Your Property
If you are refinancing or selling your property, you will have to contact FirstService Residential Virginia for information on getting all documents needed.
Order Documents and Certificates:

2024 HOA Budget
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2024 Condo Special Assessment
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2024 Budget for Townes at Goose Creek Condominium
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2023 Condo Dryer Vent Cleaning
1.  This policy applies to CONDOMINIUMS ONLY.  It is managed by FirstService Residential subject to approval by the condo board of directors.  The emails are sent to the owners.  If the condo is being rented, tenants may not receive the notification unless their email address was provided to FSR.
2.  The dryer vents must be cleaned every TWO YEARS.  Since the policy was enacted in 2017, it follows that the dryer vent cleaning occurs every odd year.
This is serving as a reminder for residents to submit their dryer vent invoices for services performed by a licensed vendor to Austin Figueroa, Portfolio Manager, by November 30, 2023. Below is a list of vendors who would be able to help with this request:
- - -
Duct Doctor: $150 per unit dryer vent
Contact info – 1800-955-1275. Please mention “Townes at Goose Creek Condominium” to avail that rate.
- - -
Stanley Steemer: $175 per unit dryer vent
Contact info – 1800-783-3637. Please mention “ Townes at Goose Creek Condominium”.
- - -
American Duct Cleaners: $100 per unit dryer vent
Contact info – 703-895-6203. Please mention “Townes at Goose Creek Condominium” to avail that rate.
- - -
Lowes Air Duct Cleaning: $140 per unit dryer vent
Contact info – 1800-699-0955. Please mention “Townes at Goose Creek Condominium” to avail that rate.
- - -
Please email the invoices to austin.figueroa@fsresidential.com or mail them to the management office at 3975 Fair Ridge Drive, Suite 210S, Fairfax, VA 22033. If your dry vent cleaning invoice has not yet been received, then residents will be subject to a violation letter and potential for a hearing in front of the Board of Directors.

The fire lane project has been completed and reviewed by Loudoun County.  With this project new on street parking has become available.  The on street parking policy is the following:  
Street parking is allowed along any curb in the community that is not a yellow fire lane, as long as there are lined spaces, with these exceptions.   
Street parking will be allowed on Erskine Terrace, Telford Terrace and Maitland Terrace even though the spaces will not be lined. (see map below)   

Pet Policies


Pet Policies


Dog Leash Policy

 Reminder to residents that dogs must be leashed at all times when off your property. This is a Loudoun County Ordinance (612.13) and a community requirement (Goose Creek Village Declaration 8.2 (p)).


Failure to comply may lead to criminal charges and fines from Loudoun County, as well as additional fines from the HOA.


Thanks for your cooperation in keeping our community safe for all residents.


Pet Waste

One of the most frequent complaints that the HOA gets is about pet waste. Pet waste is smelly, unsightly, and is a health risk to other pets and our Residents. It is your legal responsibility to pick up after your pet. Our community provides pet waste bags and trash receptacles throughout the neighborhood to aid in cleaning up pet waste.


If you see someone that is not picking up after their pet, speak up and say something to them (politely).  If it continues and you know their address, please contact the HOA so that we can issue a violation.


Be a responsible pet owner – clean up your pet’s waste! If your child walks the dog, then make sure they know to pick up the waste. It is not optional because it’s Tuesday and it’s raining, or you just don’t feel like it. Doody calls – Scoop the Poop!



Pets off Private Property

Residents please be mindful and respectful about keeping your pets off of private property, especially corner units that have side yards and greenbelts in between townhomes, these are not common areas.


Lawn Maintenance Violation Update
Lawn Maintenance Violation Update - 8/15/2020
Goose Creek Village Residents, 
Our Community Inspector has started to see an increase in lawn maintenance violations. As a reminder, the landscaping company mows the common areas only. Townhome residents are responsible for maintaining their properties, including the front, back and side of townhomes. To ensure that we keep our community within the property maintenance standards created for Goose Creek Village, we will be partnering with our landscape company, Ruppert. Once notified of a violation (either by mail or by leaving a violation notice on the door), a resident  will have 14 days to mow their yard. If a resident fails to comply, after 14 days Ruppert will mow the lawn and the charge will be billed back to the homeowner. 
A list of general guidelines for the community are listed below with certain areas highlighted where we have seen some areas of concern.
A. All portions of a lot which are not improved by an impervious surface or a structure must be maintained with grass (or other vegetation installed by a builder or approved by the Covenants Committee). No bare earth may be exposed on a lot (except for flower beds with appropriate approvals, as required). 
B. All turf areas on a lot must be kept neatly mowed during the growing season. Grass shall not be permitted to exceed six (6) inches in height. 
C. Turf areas and other vegetation shall be watered during dry periods. Any dead plants, shrubs or trees should be immediately removed. 
D. Turf areas shall be kept as weed free as possible. At no time should weed cover exceed more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the total turfed area. 
E. No trash or debris may accumulate or be stored in a visible location on a lot. Construction materials required for the improvement of a home or lot shall be neatly stored in as unobtrusive a location on the lot as possible when not in use. 
F. All hedges, trees and shrubs must be neatly trimmed and maintained and their size maintained in proportion to the lot and home through pruning. 
G. The exterior of a home must be maintained in an attractive manner. No significant blistering or peeling of exterior painted surfaces is permitted. Any exterior building components (i.e., siding, gutters and downspouts, roof shingles, windows and doors) which are missing, broken or otherwise in a state of disrepair must be repaired as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your attention this matter, 
Goose Creek Village HOA Board

HVAC Replacement Policy
HVAC Replacement
Replacement of existing HVAC units do not require HOA or Condo Association approval if they are approximately the same color, approximately the same size, and are installed in the same location between the driveways.  No specific brand is recommended or required. 

At the HOA Board Meeting last night, the Board approved guidelines for side yard border fencing (see attached). These guidelines will be incorporated into the next update of our Design Guidelines, but residents may begin using them immediately.
Note that these guidelines apply to end unit townhouses with side yards only.
Click here to see Guidelines

Need some extra space to rent for your party or private event? Well, you can rent our Community Clubhouse for private events!
To start the process, send an email to Laura Marshall at laura.marshall@fsresidential.com with the date and timeframe you are interested in. The cost is $50/hour with a 3-hour minimum with an additional $100 cleaning fee. There is a deposit of $300 (with alcohol) or $150 (without alcohol).
The complete rental agreement with all terms and conditions can be found here.  The agreement and check must be received at least two weeks prior to the event. Reservations are first come, and the check must be received in order to finalize the reservation. Cleanup after the event is the responsibility of the resident that rented the clubhouse.
The Clubhouse may not be available for rent during some major holidays, or during Association sponsored events.

If you have not already done so, please sign up for access to our community website at:
Residents are encouraged to register on the site to have access to all pages and information.  Click on the "Register" link in the upper right corner.
Please note that while we do have a community Facebook page, the new website is our OFFICIAL means of communicating with the community, so make sure you sign up today!

Road Runner Wrecker Service Inc.
On Tuesday, June 18th 2019, the community will be transitioning to Road Runner as our official towing company.
There will be no change in the way we handle towing. Road Runner will make periodic patrols through the community to identify cars that are parked in an illegal or unsafe manner. The frequency of the patrols may vary depending on the day, time and how busy they are. Also, if you see a car parked in violation of our community parking rules, please notify the Board hoa@goosecreekashburn.com, and someone will follow up and take appropriate action, which may or may not include having the vehicle towed. Note that Road Runner will not accept towing requests directly from residents, due to safety and liability issues.
Please be aware that while the Board tries to be as responsive as possible, e-mails are not necessarily read or acted on immediately. If you see a car that represents an urgent safety hazard, or if a car is blocking your driveway, you should notify the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.
Road Runner will be posting signs in the next couple of days with their information in the event your car gets towed.
Their number is 703-450-7555.

No Soliciting
Reminder that there is no soliciting allowed in our community. If you are approached by anyone going door to door selling security systems, pest control services, maid services, home improvement services, etc., never allow them in your home, and please inform them that soliciting is not allowed.   Also, if you see any signs in the community advertising commercial goods or services (with the exception of real estate signs which are allowed), please report them to the HOA and we will take them down. 
Note that this restriction applies to local noncommercial enterprises as well.  If you or your child have baked goods to sell or babysitting or tutoring services to offer, you can post something on our Facebook page, but you can't go door to door, and you can't put up signs, or post or hand out flyers. 
Certain exceptions apply.  We do allow girl scout and boy scout activities (i.e. cookies, food drives, etc.) and we do allow local school groups to come in for fund raisers (i.e. Stone Bridge Band, Stone Bridge Football, etc.).
Here is some information regarding soliciting in Goose Creek Village / Loudoun County and next steps if a company has violated the county Code. 
Solicitors that operate inside the county are required to register with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.  As part of this registration a background check is completed and information on their employer is obtained. Through this process, anyone approved to solicit is issued an identification card showing they are a registered solicitor. All solicitors are required, upon request, to provide their identification card to any person they are contacting as a solicitor. In addition to registering, all solicitors must uphold a code of conduct. If a solicitor is found in violation of this code, their privileges will be revoked and they will not be authorized to solicit within Loudoun County for a period of one year.
Solicitation hours in the county are Mon-Sat 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Soliciting is not permitted on Sunday’s or state or national holidays. Solicitors must leave when asked by the property owner. Solicitors must conduct themselves in a lawful and orderly manner and must identify themselves and their purpose of being on the property.
Click Here to be directed to Loudoun County’s Peddler’s and Solicitor's Ordinance with code information on Peddling/Soliciting in the County.
Any person who witnesses a violation of this code of conduct or encounters a solicitor who refuses to provide their county issued solicitor permit or does not have a permit should contact the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office by calling their 24-hour-non-emergency number at CALL 703-777-1021

Little Free Library
Welcome to the new addition to our Goose Creek Village Community!  A “Little Free Library” has been added to the community in the Phase 2 park near the gazebo.  The concept is to share books with one another.  You can add books to the library that you have finished and take a book that you would like to read.  The best thing is that it is all free!  All genre of books are accepted as well as audio books.  Please no CD’s or DVD’s.  Also keep in mind that children will have access to the library so please keep the content appropriate.  Do not put books in there that you wouldn’t want your children reading.  This is a great time to go through your book shelves and identify what you may want to donate.  
Little Free Libraries are in place worldwide. Below are links to show you where they are located and to learn more about the program.  

  • Homeowners are reminded that all trash cans must be stored in the garage, and should only be set out the night before trash collection day.  We have had a lot of problems with heavy winds blowing over the cans and making a mess in the community, so if it's windy please wait to set your can out the morning of trash pickup (or even skip the pickup).  It's a good idea to either apply your house number with stickers that can be purchased at a home improvement store or write your house number on your trash cans in case they get misplaced/blown away!  With regard to recycling, the trash company has said that it is okay to bag your recycling, but it must be in clear bags or the paper yard waste bags.  It is helpful if you cut up any cardboard boxes into smaller pieces so that they will fit in the recycling cans and not blow away. Thanks for keeping our neighborhood looking great!
  • The HOA would like to remind all residents that you are required by law to pick up all pet waste in the community.  Pet waste is not only smelly and unslightly, it is a health risk to other pets, children and our local water supply.  For more information on the effects of pet waste, click here for a brochure from Loudoun County on the issue.  We ask that ALL residents use pet waste bags and the trash cans supplied around the community to dispose of their pet's waste.  Also, remember that all dogs must be registered with Loudoun County. Click here for a direct link to the Loudoun County webpage to obtain a license.
  • It is a good idea to do periodic maintenance on your garage door(s)!  A quick spritz of white lithium spray (found at major home improvement stores) on each axle sleeve will keep the roller axles lubricated and working properly.  You should not use regular WD-40 spray on the axle sleeves because it can loosen the ball bearings and cause damage.
  • Have you changed the batteries in your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors lately?  If you are in an upper condo unit and can't reach the smoke detector in the stairway, the Ashburn Fire Department (Station 6) can help you out.  Call 703-729-0006 and they will come out free of charge and change it for you.  A great tip is to use a lithium 9-volt battery that will be good for 10 years!

Reminder to residents about Trash Cans etc.
Reminder to all residents that trash cans, recycling cans, recycling bins and other items such as grills, furniture, toys, wood, tools, etc. cannot be stored in your driveway. If our inspector sees it, or if another resident reports it, you will receive a violation notice.
For the first offense you will be given the opportunity to simply correct the violation. For 2nd and subsequent offenses for the same violation, you will be assessed a fee. Depending on the violation, it could be a onetime fee of $50, or for an ongoing violation, a fee of $10 per day.
Please help us keep the neighborhood beautiful.

Neighborhood News
  • Goose Creek Village falls in the Ashburn Station district of the Loudoun County Sheriff Office. Click here for more information.  Click here for the Ashburn Station Quarterly Reports.